Re: [rescue:5282] Re: Another problem with Civilian.

From: NODA Itsuki (
Date: Tue 07 May 2002 - 21:43:03 GMT

Mazda> I absolutly agree with you. The reason I didn't suggested
Mazda> the revision of the kernel was because of it's complexity.
Mazda> I think for now sending the position information by the
Mazda> civilians is the best solution. Because at this time, the
Mazda> messages from civilians don't have much use.

The main problem on this is that it is too late to change the rule.
The behavior of civilian is an important factor to specify the game.
If we change the behavior now, we need to get explicit agreements from
all teams, because all team must change their policy to rescue damaged
people using the introduced civilian behavior. But, it is no time to
get them.


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