Kernel improvement suggestion

From: Bba Ji (
Date: Tue 07 May 2002 - 17:45:27 GMT

        Hello all interested,

        one suggestion to KA_SENSE informations from kernel.
        I am not sure, if roads completly miss such a property, but
        I treat as normal, that I know in what aproximately direction is
        the road, which I go through. But roads in RR miss this
        property... or kernel do not send it to agents. Kernel
        sometimes sends X,Y coordinates by some (random) objects
        like nodes or buildings, but roads are completly without any
        information of it's orientation, when are sended by kernel. When
        you get on a crossing and turn right, you know aproximately a
        new direction in a world, that you go along. But agents knows
        absolutely nothing. If the agent choose one of roads, he can
        never know, if he turned on the map to the right, left or straight
                I suggest to amend informations sended by kernel by a road
        property "direction" - angle in degrees (for ex. in direction from
        head to tail) measured as usual in RR world.

        Jiri Biba

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