Re: [robocup-rescue-s] Robocup viewer

From: Mohammad Mehdi Saboorian <>
Date: Thu 21 Sep 2006 - 05:53:29 GMT


Usually you can set the interval for animating humanoid movements.
But if you mean to update other information such as hp, damage, ...
more than once in a cycle, no it is not possible for viewer to do so.


On 9/21/06, Manoj K. Parik <> wrote:
> Dea all,
> I am using viewer-050122.jar as viewer for simulation. The viewer changes
> it's status every time second and sometimes I feel that it is too fast to
> understand the picture through viewer when we show the simulation to
> somebody. Is it possible to make the viewer a little slow which means,
> can the viewer show us every step status not so fast rather it change the
> status after every 5 seconds or so. so that we can see the change in status
> very carefully and slowly using viewer.
> Manoj
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