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****** Students Design Competition *******
             +++ RTSS 2006 +++

27th IEEE International Real-Time Systems Symposium
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 5-8 December 2006

****** CiberMouse@RTSS2006 ******

Call for Participation

The design competition proposed for RTSS 2006, similarly to last year,
develops around a simulated robots contest, CiberMouse@RTSS2006. Each
participating team will be requested to design the control software of one
robot that will need to find a specific spot in a maze (target) and come
back to the departure point. Several robots from different teams will
compete at the same time in a relatively unstructured and unknown maze.

Both simple and complex approaches are possible, allowing for a wide range
of team backgrounds and knowledge. Naturally, the behavior programming has a
substantial impact on the performance. The simulation environment includes
several features to motivate using real-time design methods. In particular,
selective delays have been added in the access to the sensory information as
well as limitations to the amount of sensory information that can be
obtained with each query. These will require a judicious control of speed
and selection of sensor queries in order to avoid bumping against obstacles
and other robots.

About the teams

Participating teams should be composed by graduate or undergraduate
students, possibly including one senior member. The ranking will be only one
but there will be special awards to the best team of grad students and to
the best team with undergrad only students (not counting with a possible

Other requirements

Teams will also be requested to submit a short paper with up to 4 pages
(IEEE format) about the design techniques used, as well as to do a short
presentation of such techniques during the event.

Important dates

September 30 - pre-registration, so that we know the interested teams.
October 31 - effective registration and short paper submission
December 5 - competition day!

*The first two dates might suffer adjustments later.

  Luis Almeida, lda@det.ua.pt
  Nuno Lau, lau@det.ua.pt
  Artur Pereira, artur@det.ua.pt

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