[robocup-rescue-s] Problem creating agents

From: Vaidyanathan R <vramany@cs.rmit.edu.au>
Date: Wed 06 Sep 2006 - 13:03:43 GMT


I am trying to create a "grid" of fire brigade agents by distributing
the fire brigade agents along every fourth node. Since there are 765
nodes, I am getting close to 191 firebrigade agents + 18 other agents
excluding civilians.
However when I'm running the sampleagent.sh script there is a
NullPointerException exactly after I reach 195 agents. It happens for
the 196th agent always. The problem is seen in the point in code where
the disaster space is created for each agent and the objects for node,
roads, river etc are added to the agent's ArrayLists.
Is there a limit or something on the number of agents that roborescue
can support? Or could this be a bug or memory constraint?
More information regarding the exception:
Its seen in the update function in DisasterSpace.java.
The exception stack:
> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
> at sample.Main.connectAgents(Unknown Source)
> at sample.Main.main(Unknown Source)

I'd really appreciate it if someone can tell me what the problem is
and any possible workarounds or solutions.

Thanks and Regards,


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