[robocup-rescue-s] 3D viewer

From: parik manoj <its_manoj2003@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu 15 Sep 2005 - 06:50:10 GMT

Initially I installed the Openscenegraph, Openthreads, and Producer. Then
I did the following
I download the 3Drescue from
When I wrote
It is showing no error. Then
Again no error.
Then, when I typed
$./3Drescue –help
It is showing error and saying
“./3Drescue: error while loading shared libraries: libosgParticles.so:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

And same error is showing when I m typing
$./3Drescue –H <hostname>
Can you please guide me how to correct the above.

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