Re: [robocup-rescue-s] Simulation logs

From: Alexander Kleiner <>
Date: Tue 06 Sep 2005 - 17:37:28 GMT


I had the same wish one year ago, thats why I added a "define" to the
code. Please change

#define WRITE_STATS 0


#define WRITE_STATS 1

in src/parser.h of the 3DViewer code and compile again. Then run your
map with the option "fast", e.g.:

> ./3Drescue -fast -f

Then there will be a file named "statistics.log"

It contains for each round a line with the following information:

percentBuildingExplored percentBuildingSaved
percentBuildingDestroyed percentRoadsBlocked percentCivsFound



Nuno Cordeiro schrieb:

> Hello!
> I was wondering if there is any easy way to extract data from the
> simulation logs in an analyzable way. The viewers are able to read the
> logs from a simulation and display a very good deal of usefull
> information. Is there any way to extract this info directly from the
> logs? Or maybe a viewer that not only displays the info but also saves
> it in a file as time cycles pass...
> The kind of info I'm interested is pretty much the one displayed by
> the 3D viewer: Total score, civilians found, buildings destroyed,
> civilians alive.... I'd like to get that data at each time cycle as it
> would provide very nice comparative info...
> Thanx for the help,
> Nuno Cordeiro
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