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From: Luca Iocchi <Luca.Iocchi@dis.uniroma1.it>
Date: Thu 08 Sep 2005 - 18:31:56 GMT

Dear all,
(I apology for multiple copies of this message)
attached please find the description of Rescue Robotics Camp 2005
that will take place in Rome this winter.

Best regards,
Luca Iocchi

Rescue Robotics Camp

Rome, 29^th October - 2^nd November 2005

*Organizers*: Daniele Nardi, Andreas Birk, Adam Jacoff, Satoshi Tadokoro

*WWW*: sied.dis.uniroma1.it/camp/

Over the course of five days, this event will guide attendees through
several distinct elements of effective urban search and rescue (USAR)
robots and associated development tools. Lecturers addressing each
element will introduce state-of-the-art components, approaches, and
algorithms applied to search robots for all attendees to understand.
Then each lecturer will facilitate hands-on development sessions with a
subset of attendees to implement demonstrable capabilities for each
particular technology within the on-site RoboCupRescue arenas. The
ultimate outcome of this event will be modular solutions for each of the
technology elements made available to new and existing Rescue teams as a
resource for augmenting their competencies to produce system oriented

The program of the camp is organized into the following four sections:

*1. Robot Mobility (1 group): *Mobility behaviors for search tasks
(i.e., obstacle avoidance, stair climbing/descending, centering through
gaps, inverting, opening doors, etc.) for tele-operated behavior in the
rescue arenas. This group will develop empirically effective algorithms
and modular code to demonstrate such behaviors in the mobile bases.

*2. Robot Autonomy (2 groups): *Advanced ranging sensors to develop 2D,
2-1/2D, and 3D maps; map based navigation and exploration for autonomous
performance in the rescue arenas; application of advanced sensors to
identify victim situations and states (i.e., omni-directional IR camera
devices, stereo vision, and FLIR sensors, etc.). One group will
implement algorithms for map construction and autonomous exploration of
environment to be deployable also by a team of communicating robots.
Another group will implement methods for victim identification in
complex environments and develop empirically effective algorithms and
modular code to demonstrate accurate assessment of victim information.

*3. Micro-Robots (1 group): *Deployment of large teams of small robots,
which can support distributed exploration and information
acquisitionThis group will develop basic algorithms for gathering
information from a team of small and simple robots that are massively
used in the environment.

*4. Human-Robot Interfaces and Simulations (2 groups): *Application of
advanced robot communication techniques and effective human-robot
interface (HRI) design elements to improve remote situational awareness
and management of multi-robot teams. Development of expertise in
programming sensory perception, intelligent behaviors, and planning
within already developed USAR arena simulation environments. One group
will implement immersive head's up display goggles, head-tracking
systems for gaze-control and model sensors. A second group will
demonstrate the basic functionality of the simulator and its relation to
the development of the robots.

In order to join the camp, you need to register using the form at

All registrations must be sent before September, 15th and will be
confirmed by email (confirmation emails will be sent by September,
25th). Accepted partecipants will be organized in groups and will be
asked to do some development on site. To this end a laptop PC may be
useful. Partecipants will be accomodated in double rooms placed in
"Istituto Superiore Antincendi", where the Camp takes place.

The camp is supported by:

ISA - Istituto Superiore Antincendi
Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica "Antonio Ruberti"
EURON Robotics
Fraunhofer Institut
Ministero degli Affari Esteri
National Institute of Standard and Technology
International Rescue System Institute
Hokuyo Co. Ltd.

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