Re: [robocup-rescue-s] 3D viewer installation.

From: Alexander Kleiner <>
Date: Thu 15 Sep 2005 - 08:59:31 GMT


parik manoj wrote:

>Dear sir,
>I have written you ealier also, and I am sorry to trouble you again.I need
>your guidance for installtion of 3D viewer.
>I would be glad if you can tell me the problem i am encountering while
>installing the 3D viewer.
>Following are what i did.
>1) Downloaded the from
>I followed the quick compile guide
>2) unzip
>3) cd OSG_OP_OT-0.9.9
>4) cd OpenThreads; make; sudo make install; cd ..
>(Note:- for sudo make install, the computer asked for my password, so I
>supplied my userid password,
>rather than the root password. I am doubtfull, about the password, which
>password i have to supply, of root or of my userid.)
>before this, using visudo command, i added my userid name in the sudoers
>root,myuserid ALL=(ALL)ALL
>5) cd Producer; make; sudo make install; cd ..
>6) cd OpenSceneGraph; make; sudo make install; cd ..
I think generally it is easier to install the lib as root system wide.

>so at the end i got the following massages:
>Run-time environment installation successful. Add
>/usr/local/share/OpenSceneGraph/bin to your PATH environmental variable
>(this i could do using PATH=$PATH://usr/local/share/OpenSceneGraph/bin
>command). I think this might be correct.

>Add /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/lib/osgPlugins to
>your LD_LIBRARY_PATH if not already present.
>(I changed to $.tcsh and then edited the .cshrc file and added the above
>path, I am doubtful whether it is correct or not)
you shoud see it if you type echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH

>Development environmental installation is successful. Add
>-I/usr/local/include compile flag when compiling with OSG header files.
>(Plase guide me how to do this).
that is done by configure automatically.

>And for 3D Viewer, I downloaded it from
>and during ./configure, I am getting the following massage..
>Can't find OSG Library..
If you use Debian Linux, there are also packages that install
automatically, have a look to the osg homepage wether you can find a
package for your linux distribution.


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