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From: Jiri Biba student (
Date: Thu 26 Sep 2002 - 11:39:50 GMT

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            Hello all interested in RoboCup!

            Let me ask few questions:

    1) I have found out, that kernel 0.39 doesn't send possitions of
    buildings and nodes, that were not visited (far objects on other side
    of the city) by an agent. Kernel 0.34 did it (in first 5 kernel cycles).
    It was useful when building a heuristic for path finding. The new
    kernel sends these informations only by objects close to the agent.
    It causes, that agent has no idea about a placement of the building
    (refuge for ex.) he want to reach. In fact it doesn't agree to a reality -
    even the rescuer does not know exact possition of the building in a
    city, he approximatelly knows a location. But our agents in the RR
    knows nothing - in such a situation have no other way to find the
    desired building, than random searching.

    2) Kernel doesn't send complete informations about objects close
    to the agent - often missing possition. Is it a real-world simulation
    (information uncertainty) or bug?

    3) I saw few words about communications standards for RoboCup
    (12kkID) in mails. Is this standard to be kept for RR competition?
    Are my agents allowed to RR competition if using own
    communication protocol and data contents?

    4) Is there any restriction for contents of messages?

    5) How long message can be sent to the kernel and how many
    messages/agent are allowed by kernel to send in one kernel cycle?

    6) When the road is blocked and the agent want to pass through
    such a road - does kernel allow it? Is there some linear scale for
    example like: blocking rate ~ time intensivness for passing through?
    How the blockingness influences road passability?

    Thank you for time consumed for reading of this mail. I look forward
    to your replies. Thank you.


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