Problems with Rescue mailing list

From: Mazda Ahmadi (
Date: Sat 21 Sep 2002 - 07:52:52 GMT


I'm member of different mailing lists. All of them even course mailing
lists use some kind of software (e.g. majordomo or mailman). You can
autoimatically subscribe and unsubscribe. invalid emails wil be
automatically deleted.

This mailing list ( doesn't have any of these features.
And it's a big problem. I sent an email an hour ago and have lots of
returned emails. I have many emails concerning subscribing or
unsubscribing to the mailing list. many complagin that they don't want to
be a member of this mailing list any more but they can't unsubscribe

Can anybody manage a better mailing list? a simple majorodomo software
will work.

Best regards,

Mazda Ahmadi
Sharif University of Technology
Tehran, Iran.

Cell Phone: 0911-2718654 Office (at uni): 6022727-4635 Emails:

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