Log file

From: Mohit (mgupta@cs.rmit.edu.au)
Date: Sat 31 Aug 2002 - 05:41:00 GMT

Hi Ranjit,

        I have problem in understanding log file. It is showing some sort of characters that I can't understand '^@' and so on. Is there a tool to read the log file that is created during the RoboCup Rescue Run.

        Additional problem

        I am currently running 0.31 version of the simulator. I want to get the total damage report which we can receive only after visualisation. But i want to print it to file so as to create a script file. Script file will each time append the damage results to the file. Could you please tell me how I can receive the total damage cost without visualisation. All the java files are in .class format. Had it been in .java format, I would have changed it successfully but now I am totally handicapped.

I will be very thankful for your help.

(Honours student in RMIT university, Melbourne)

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