Re: Another problem with Civilian.

From: Kosuke Shinoda (
Date: Mon 06 May 2002 - 17:30:20 GMT

Dear Mazda,

Thank you for your suggestion, but I cannot agree with it.
Because, I think that it is strange that the the injured, who
 is buried, can cry own situation clearly, and the injured
should be controlled its speech's timing according to its
condition (such as the chage of hp). Therefore, we don't chenge
civilian's message, OK?
# We intend to review civilian agents communication, includes
# such case, by the next version of rescue simulator.

Best regards,
Kosuke Shinoda.

On Sat, 4 May 2002 17:28:04 +0430 (IRST)
Mazda Ahmadi <> wrote:

> Dear Shinoda,
> Thanks for your efforts on building civilians.
> The Civilians only say:"help_me". when the agents
> hear such a thing, don't have the position of the
> civilian. (Agents only have position information
> of objects in 10 meter area)
> I suggest that the civilian give information about
> it's current place.
> What do you think of it?
> Best regards,
> -Mazda

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