Re: rules for 2002 (version.7) & official registration & award

From: Ikuo Takeuchi (
Date: Thu 02 May 2002 - 12:34:36 GMT

Dear Izadi and all,

> Furthermore, it's just a few days since the proposal of 12kkID was
> announced to be the format which every team should use for 2002
> competetions. As our friends say, it's a little late for announcing
> a new rule about such an important subject for this year.

I missed the fact. This is really a sufficient condition to deny the
12kkID rule. I admit that the version 7 rule is suitable for the 2002

I'm looking forward to make a fruitful discussion on the 2003
competition with all who are interested in this challenging research

Tak (NUE)

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