rules for 2002 (version.7) & official registration & award

From: takahashi_tomoichi (
Date: Wed 01 May 2002 - 02:39:38 GMT

**** rules for 2002 (version.7) & official registration & award

Dear everyone,

(1) rules for 2002 (version.7)

Committee members have received mails from some teams saying
that they have difficulty to adapt to the definition of "simple"
sentence in Rules for 2002 (version.6) at presnet. Committee members
think it is good to have "simple" sentences clearly defined,
but it is not good situations that some teams have troubles
for that.

Committee members make the definition of "simple" sentence (version.6)
to hold for 2003, but suggest people use. (Of course, rules for 2003
are open to discuss at present.)
Rules for 2002 (version.7) is available from

(2) reminder: official registration

Following teams have not done official registration (step.3).
- BTS, Delft-Blue-Resc-You, Kures2002, RMIT, ToosRes, YabHeavy -
Some of teams informed us that they cannot participate RoboCup2002.
When you forget to do official registration (step.3)
or situations changed that you can participate,
please do official registration (step.3) now at

(3) News: award from SICE

I have the honor to inform you that SICE (The Society of Instrument and
Control Engineers, will give
RoboCup Rescue Simulation League SICE International Award.
Thanks a lot Prof. Tadokoro.

Best regards

 Tomoichi TAKAHASHI, Dr. Eng.
                1200 Matsumoto, Kasugai, AICHI, 487-8501 Japan

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