[robocup-rescue-s] Call to participate in the MS-RS Soccer Sim at Brazil Open

From: Jackson Paul Matsuura <jackson_at_ita.br>
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 00:45:00 -0300

Dear RoboCupers.

I would like to invite you to try to program the RobuDogs of the Microsoft
Robotics Studio to participate in a Demonstration in the RoboCup Brazil Open.

As we do not have much time until the Competition (next october 8th) we will
not run it as a league, but as a Demonstration.

We are planning to put everyone versus everyone to play, record the games and
put them all in the YouTube and/or GoogleVideo.

It should be a good oportunity to start working with Soccer Simulation in the
Robotics Studio.

Follow is some easy to follow instructions to help everyone to start
programing the RobuDogs.

Fist download and install the following files:
The MSRS 1.5 (Download the file “Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5).exe” from
The SoccerSimulation for MSRS 1.5 (Download the file “Soccer Simulation for
Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5).zip” from
The Robudog Simulation for MSRS 1.5 (Download the file
“robudogsimulation(1.5).exe” from
http://www.robubox.com/robosoft/data/Robocup/RobudogSimulatorInstall.jsp )
The RobuDog Sample Soccer Player for MSRS 1.5 (Download the file
“robudogsoccerplayer(1.5).exe” from
http://www.robubox.com/robosoft/data/Robocup/RobudogSimulatorInstall.jsp )

To install the Robotics Studio you will need the Windows XP with the Service
Pack 2 and all critical updates. If you are using other Windows versions,
update you system too.

You will also need the Visual C#, if you do not already have a Visual C#,
download and install the Express version from:

Now it should be good to test each instalation.
First to test the MSRS 1.5, run the “Pionner 3DX Simulation”
Start->All Programs-> Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5)->Visual Simulation
Environment-> Pionner 3DX Simulation
3 Windows will open.
First the MSRS prompt, then the Dashborad and finaly the Visualization Window

At the Dashboard enter the “Remote Node” information:
Machine: localhost
Port: 50001
And press the “Connect” button
You will see the P3DXMotor and P3DXLaser at the window.
Now double click the LaserRangeFinder
At the botton of the Dashboard you will see the RangeFinder information.
Now double click the MotorBase and press the “”Drive” button.
And click and drag in the circle above the “Stop” button.
Congratulations, you are now driving the P3DX.
To change the view at the Visualization window, use the arrow buttons and
click and drag at the window.
To exit the Simulation fast, activate the Prompt window and press <ctrl> +
<shift> + <C>.

Now, we should test the SoccerSimulation Package.
You should run the manifest at the prompt, but it should be easier to edit a
Copy the “Pionner 3DX Simulation” that you just used.
Rename it to SoccerSimulationNXT
Edit the shortcut properties and change the Target of the shortcut from:
"C:\Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5)\bin\DssHost.exe" /p:50000 /t:50001
"C:\Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5)\bin\DssHost.exe" /p:50000 /t:50001
Or use the attached “SoccerSimulationNXT” shortcut
Run the shortcut and three windows will open. You will see four Lego NXT at
the Visualization Window.
At the Sim Soccer Referee Window, click the “Start”Button.
Two of the NXTs will go to the ball (the goalkeepers do not move).

Now you should compile the RobuDog player and test the Robudogs.
Open the “simplerobudogsoccerplayer.sln” file at the folder:
C:\Microsoft Robotics Studio

Just double click the file and the Visual C# will be launched and will open
the Project.
Now just build the Solution.

Finally you will need another shortcut.
Copy the “Pionner 3DX Simulation” or the “SoccerSimulationNXT” shortcuts, edit
the property and change the Target to:
"C:\Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5)\bin\DssHost.exe" /p:50000 /t:50001
And rename the shortcut to “RobuDog RoboCup”.
Or use the attached “RobuDog RoboCup” shortcut.

Run the shortcut and four windows will open.
In the UserInterface Window click connect and connect to http://localhost:50000/
You can now use the UserInterface to control the RobuDogs
Click in one of the RobuDogs in the “Dogs List:”
Now choose a movement in the “Order” box and click in the “Do It !” button.
You can also use the other buttons of the UserInterface Window to control the

Now you can just change the “simplerobudogsoccerplayer” project to make your
team play Soccer.
You give movements orders to the RobuDog, like you do in the UserInterface window.
The default movements are the ones that apper in the “Order” box of the
UserInferface window.
You may use only the default movements or define your own movements.
Open the C:\Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5)\store\dogmvt0.xml file to see and
edit the movements.
Each movement is just a sequence of four legpositions.
You may also edit the legpositions in the
C:\Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5)\store\ legmvt0.xml file.

In the
“SimpleRobuDOGSoccerPlayer.cs” line 219, try to modify the Movement name to
other movents and see the Robudogs at the begging of the Simulation.

Now you are ready to make the RobuDogs play soccer.

Edit the C:\Microsoft Robotics Studio
(1.5)\samples\Config\simulatedsoccer.referee.config.xml file anc change the
lines #9 and #10 to:
This is the configuration that will be used at the Brazil Open Demonstrations.

After you have programed your RobuDogs, zip you binaries, movements and
manifests and send to me.
I will need the folowing files:
SimpleRobuDOGSoccerPlayer.Y2007.M05.dll (from C:\Microsoft Robotics Studio
SimpleRobuDOGSoccerPlayer.Y2007.M05.Proxy.dll (from C:\Microsoft Robotics
Studio (1.5)\bin)
SimpleRobuDOGSoccerPlayer.Y2007.M05.transform.dll (from C:\Microsoft Robotics
Studio (1.5)\bin)
dogmvt0.xml (from C:\Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5)\store)
legmvt0.xml (from C:\Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5)\store)
If you used specific Manifests and specif binaries, please, send me too (if
you don’t know what I`m talking about, just send the dlls and the xmls above).

Send the ziped file to jackson_at_ita.br and jackson_at_itandroids.com until October
As subject put “RoboCupBrazil MSRS Team”
And in the body, please put
Your Name:
Your Team Name:
Your Affiliation:
Your Country:
Specific instructions if you have any.
And tell me you you allow me to upload your binaries to a commom repository
where everyone should download it and try it.

Even if you do not implement a great team you should send it to me. It should
at least be funny to see yor team playing against others.

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