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Date: Mon 27 Nov 2006 - 23:54:43 GMT

We have brought you winner after winner this year and things are only
getting better!

We called it! APWL is RISE on good volume. We
hope you took a position early and are smiling right
now. If you didn't, don't worry. The big spike is
expected also on Tuesday, November 28. Get in now!

The XXI century home is one in which broadband is available in every
  Video streams to wherever you choose to watch it.
appliances are seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive network.
This is already a reality for the wealthy, and is just now becoming a booming
business as it spreads to the middle class home.
  Our next feature makes
this all possible, and is bringing it to the world!

CompanyAdvanced Powerline Technologies
Stock: APWL
Price: 0.1 Up (20.48%)
Short Term Target: 0.27
Long Term Target: 1.10
An incredible information is expected out of the company very soon.
This will be backed up by a PR blitz and I'm sure you can guess what will
happen to the price of this stock!
Tech companies blast off on news like this. Get in before this one takes
off and ride it all the way to the bank!

DENVER, Colorado (AP) -- A homeowners' association in southwestern Colorado has threatened to fine a resident $25 a day until she removes a Christmas wreath with a peace sign that some say is an anti-Iraq war protest or a symbol of Satan.
ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- William Diehl, best-selling author of "Primal Fear" and other novels, has died at Emory University Hospital. He was 81.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush's agenda at a NATO summit this week will include pressing alliance members to increase defense spending. Aides say many U.S. allies are ill-equipped for modern military operations.
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