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Hi rescuers,

sorry for posting this CFP again. Unfotunately the last mail contained wrong dates (2006 instead of 2007). Here the corrected version.



ISCRAM 07 Special Session
"Advanced Information Technologies for Crisis and Disaster Management"

May 13-16, 2007
Delft, The Netherlands

Motivation for this session:
The management of crises and emergencies, resulting from man made or natural disasters, is a very difficult and complicated task. In order to manage a crisis effectively and to minimize the anticipated adverse impacts, imminent decisions must be made on the necessary actions and on the most effective use of the available resources in different managerial levels. In these conditions, decision makers require agile, adaptive and robust Information Management and Decision Support Systems which also take into account the nature of human decision making processes. In this perspective Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science provides the background for the development of intelligent disaster management systems. Today, such Intelligent systems take many forms (for example, intelligent web based crisis management systems - IWBCMS), encompass a variety of approaches (including multi-agent systems) and include many design challenges (such as the development of intelligent user int!

We seek original and high-quality contributions on the general theme of Intelligent Systems for Disaster Management. The following is a non-exhaustive list with topics of special interest:

- Intelligent agents and multi-agent systems
- Architectures
- Frameworks, formalisms and models
- Adjustable autonomy
- Service Oriented Knowledge Utilities
- Co-ordination, communication and planning
- Grid Technologies
- Adaptive systems
- Self-organizing systems
- Data integration, uncertainty handling and decision making
- Machine Learning
- Semantic web
- Case studies
- Practical applications

Type of Contribution
This session is a joint academic, practitioner and demonstration / simulation session. Therefore all submissions should indicate their type of contribution.

Important Deadlines
Paper Submissions: January 15, 2007
Review Notifications: February 22, 2007
Final Camera-ready Paper: March 15, 2007

Additional information
Additional details for this CFP can be found on the following web page: http://www.gwu.edu/~icdrm/Events/CFP_ISCRAM07.html. If you have questions please contact one of the session organizers.

Session Organizers:

- Frank Fiedrich, fiedrich@gwu.edu, Institute for Crisis, Disaster, and Risk Management, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C., USA

- Julie Dugdale, julie.dugdale@imag.fr, MAGMA, Multi-agent Systems Research Group, Laboratoire Leibniz, Institut IMAG, Grenoble, France

- Ioannis Dokas, idokas@upb.de, Institute of Computer Science, University of Paderborn, Germany

- Yves Demazeau, yves.demazeau@imag.fr, MAGMA, Multi-agent Systems Research Group, Laboratoire Leibniz, Institut IMAG, Grenoble, France

- Chris van Aart, chris@yall.nl, Y'all BV, the Netherlands

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