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From: Sabrina Magee <deborapostsu@bzv-co.cg.dhl.com>
Date: Fri 10 Nov 2006 - 20:32:44 GMT

We called it yesterday and now it's up 100%! Brand new
issue, Cana Petroleum, heading straight up!

VERY tightly held, in a booming business sector, with a
huge publicity campaign starting up, Cana Petroleum (CNPM)
is already bringing our readers huge gains. We advise you
to get in on this one as well and ride it to the top!

Symbol: CNPM
Current Price: 5.87
Projected Price: $15.40

Check the stats! Check the level 2! Imagine what this one
will do when the full force of the PR campaign hits it, in
conjunction with smashing news!

Major oil discovery? We are not permitted to say at this
point. All we can say is that this one is going to see
amazing appreciation in a very short period of time! This
is your opportunity. Win big with CNPM!
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