[robocup-rescue-s] IranOpen2007 non-RoboCup Extra Leagues

From: Asad Norouzi <assadn@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun 05 Nov 2006 - 08:47:07 GMT

Dear All RoboCuppers! **Apologies for duplicate postings** We are going to have three new non-RoboCup leagues during IranOpen2007 competitions. These leagues are: - Robo Deminer League - Junior Pathfinder League - Demo Section Robo Deminer is rather like the Rescue Real League. The objective here is to detect and locate planted land mines in a field. Junior Pathfinder has been designed to encourage and attract more schools to take basic steps for developing robotic activities & research within the educational system. Demo Section is for demosntration and of any robot with various applications. There will also be some workshops in this section (Workshop titles are welcomed!). Best Regards, Asad Norouzi IranOpen2007 Organizing Committee

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