More on Problems with rescue

From: Nathan Schurr (
Date: Fri 16 Aug 2002 - 20:59:05 GMT

Also should building id's be scattered randomly throughout the map in
the viewer or should there be some order to it. Currently the viewer is
showing all building id's to be randomly placed.


The building id's in the viewer seem to all be below 1000 and the
building id's of what the brigade is attempting to water are all above




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I am running into problems with the rescue simulator.


If I have the fire brigade print out the building id of the fire it is
fighting, it gives an id of a building number that doesn't exist on the
viewer map. One of the two (viewer or brigade) is wrong and I don't
know which. I cannot find where the map is created and ids are


I have not edited any code. Has anyone else had this problem or have
any idea what is going on?




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